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August 05 2017

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Saint Laurent Anya 100 Patch Pump Roller, Pre-Fall 2017


When a male character and a female character in a movie/TV show start giving each other the Meaningful Look™


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Excuse me, 911, i just witnessed a murder

Oh my god. Why did they have to go in like that

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Just Injustice 2 referencing a hilarious Dinah and Barry comic moment.

July 05 2017

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July 04 2017

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Winners’ Entrance & Exit. 

Category is: ALL STARS.

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the roygbiv of the mutant universe . Bringing these guys back for sdcc this year


when a show adds a love triangle

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It’s ironic because they don’t look at US as real people. 



Me as a judge: Do you swear to spill the tea , the whole tea , and nothing but the tea

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this thread is the absolute holy grail of repeated self owns

“Why don’t these people who my politics are personally hurting like me anymore!!!!!”

Good for your family and friends. Fuck each and every one of you. Acting like the victims because they won’t put up with your desire to victimize half the population. I dumped every trump supporter in my life and won’t be looking back. Ever.

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In my opinion, some of the best tweets I ever let off

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Kenneth Rocafort (my no. 1 favorite comic artist, ever—besides Artgerm and Adam Hughes) has shared online his Justice League redesigns.



me @ people voting third party




The reason most millennials don’t make a scene when an establishment doesn’t treat them right is because we function more on positive reinforcement than negative reinforcement. For Boomers, they can make a scene because they know negative reinforcement gets them what they want; they want to PUNISH these establishments or workers, but Millennial purchasing patterns are very different.

Growing up in the computer age, we’ve become masterful at filtering junk information, and that includes advertising. It doesn’t matter how much a politician or restaurant or whatever memes, we’ll find them funny, but we’re still not going to shop there or give them our money of we dislike them. The way brands become successful with Millennials is actually just word of mouth.

So when an establishment treats us poorly, we don’t make a scene. We simply never go back and don’t tell our friends about it. Conversely, places that treat us well we immediately go tell others about.

The simplest ways to get Millennials to support your business is to give them good economic value for what you sell (Boomers can think we’re irresponsible, but we’re actually quite thrifty), you have to treat us with dignity, but ALSO, you have to treat your WORKERS with dignity. Unlike Boomers who get off on laughing at someone working at McDonald’s, we’ve all had to work shitty, underpaying jobs and we don’t like when we go to an establishment and see workers mistreated and poorly paid, because WE’VE BEEN THERE, and we don’t want to contribute to that gross abuse of the working class.

These rich CEOs can complain that Millennials have “no brand loyalty” or that we’re “killing XYZ industry,” but the truth is that selling to us consistently requires ethical business practices that most of these companies are unwilling to partake in.

Selling to us consistently requires ethical business practices that most of these companies are unwilling to partake in.



Say what you want about avatar, but at least it has multiple examples of the avatar being women and/or PoC, unlike a certain other show with a reincarnating character who somehow is always a white guy. 

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This is what 4th of July is really about. When Gaga and Beyonce posioned all those people in that restaurant for our freedom to dance. Let us never forget.

our founding fathers died for this

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